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Video Features: Uploading to YouTube

Follow these steps to use Digital Scrapbook for sharing YesDVD footage on YouTube:

  • Insert the YesDVD into the DVD drive of a Windows® PC and launch Digital Scrapbook software.
  • Create a simple storyboard slideshow by dragging clips from the Library to the Storyboard area. You can add a title screen, still photos, music, captions and transitions using Digital Scrapbook's stand ard functions.
  • When you are satisfied with the Storyboard, click on the Export Storyboard button and choose export to a small-sized file. Save this file to your computer's hard drive.
  • Open a web browser to
  • Click on Sign Up to create an account. In the Create Your YouTube Account area, enter all required info.
  • Click on Upload Video and enter all required information about your video. You can choose public access (everyone can view it) or private (send email invitations to 25 people). Click on Upload Your Video.
  • Click on the Browse button and locate the video file on your computer. Click Upload Video

To access your video click on My Account and then My Videos. Click on the video to watch it. Then click on Share Video and you can enter email addresses of your friends and family.

It's that easy to share videos from the YesDVD on the web...and it's free!

Log in to YouTube with your account
Enter the information about your video.

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