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Videotape to DVD

Movie Film to DVD

Videotape to DVD

$9.99 combine 2nd tape to DVD
$5.00 additional for foreign PAL video format

VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8,
8mm video,   Digital 8. MiniDV,
Betamax; Foregin (PAL) tapes

2 hours per DVD

Movie Film to DVD

$19.99 for the first 100 feet,
$0.16 per foot after 100 feet
$10.00 additional for original audio

8mm, Super 8, 16mm

1600 ft. for 8mm and Super 8
or 3200 ft. for 16mm

Slides to DVD

Prints to DVD

Slides to DVD

$19.99 for the first 40 slides
$0.39 per slide after 40

35mm slides with cardboard or plastic mounting -we cannot accept slides in metal holders

500 slides per DVD

Prints to DVD

$19.99 for the first 40 prints
$0.39 per print after 40

photo prints no larger than 8" x 12"


500 prints per DVD

Additional DVD Copies

Additional DVD/VHS Copies $7.99 each

Available only at time of original transfer

Videotape Repair & Case Replacement

Videotape Repair and Case Replacement

$10.00 for videotape repair
$10.00 for case replacement

Available only with transfer
service for damaged, broken or jammed tapes. Videotape repair service will not enhance footage.

Online Viewing & Sharing

  • Viewing, sharing and storage
    – all completely free!
  • Watch online on your PC, mobile
    phone (iPhone or Android) or iPad.
  • Included for all videotape and
    movie film transfers.
  • Add titles and make comments.
  • Easily share with your friends
    by email or Facebook.
  • iPhone app available on the
    App Store.
  • Android app available on the
    Google Play Store.
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