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Movie Film is Hard to Watch
Decades ago, movie film was a great way to capture special moments. But with time, that film has broken down. Viewing those special moments is inconvenient, because film projectors have become obsolete, and they're too bulky and difficult to use anyway. The reels of memories have often been thrown into boxes and stored in closets and basements, just to become forgotten and faded.

Preserve and Relive Your Memories
On a digital format, the memories are easier to view and share. More importantly, unlike the physical media, digital formats do not fade with time.

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YesVideo has developed proprietary technology to make your movie films play better on a DVD player than they ever did on a projector.
  • Enlarged gate so that the entire frame of the film is used
  • Film flicker eliminated
  • The film captured directly to DVD
  • Digital editing eliminates film leader and unexposed footage
  • Brightened colors and reduced scratches, dirt and dust on the film surface

  • Available Services
  • What You Get
  • Pricing
  • What We Cannot Do
  • Where to Order
  • 8mm to DVD (1600 feet max per DVD)
  • Super 8 to DVD (1600 feet max per DVD)
  • 16mm to DVD (3200 feet max per DVD)
  1. DVD chapter menus (you choose a theme background)
  2. Your film cleaned (reduced scratches, dirt and dust on film surface), spliced and returned on new 400ft. reels. Your original empty reels will be returned.
  3. Enhancements - slight color brightening
  4. Chapter pictures on the DVD case
  5. DVD title (appears on the main menu screen, case and disc)
  6. Music video highlights from your video
  7. Your choice of Background Music background music

Order In-Store
MSRP $19.99 for the first 100 feet, $.16 per foot per additional foot
Pricing varies per store and is subject to change

Order Online
$19.99 for the first 50 feet,
$0.15 per foot after 50 feet

  • Extreme Restoration- The film reels we receive are often decades old and have already begun to degrade. With the exception of slight color brightening, the quality of the footage on DVD cannot be improved from the quality of your source film footage.
  • Raw Video Footage on DVD - We cannot deliver just the raw footage on DVD for you to edit using video software. Our YesDVDs are authored to play on a DVD player and to be enjoyed like a Hollywood movie.
  • Customized DVD Projects - Because of YesVideo's automated process, we can't make custom projects, such as adding captions and adding custom music.
  • Unprocessed Film
  • Copyright footage
  • Film that is not on a Reel
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